Amnesty Media Awards (2020) – Student Journalist of the Year Shortlist

GG2 Leadership Awards (2019) – Young Journalist of the Year Finalist

Seen In

The School of Journalism (2021)

BBC Asian Network: Group Chat | A Suitable Boy (2020) / Appeared on the BBC's Group Chat show, speaking to Mobeen Azhar about 'A Suitable Boy' and issues of South Asian representation.

Reclamation Magazine (2020)

Journo Resources (2020)


'Meera is a talented, insightful, and hardworking journalist with a bright future in the industry. I am impressed by her maturity in handling tough and ethical dilemmas common to journalists, and how she takes criticism in stride. It is clear in the type of stories Meera pursues, that her passion for journalism is driven by her desire to speak for the voiceless. She chooses to highlight minorities, like her story featuring the last living tribes of India, and constantly strives for inclusion, such as her article on Asian women representation in fashion. Her compassion shines through in her work – a rare, special quality among young writers.'

–  Natashya Gutierrez, Editor-in-Chief of VICE Asia 

'I was Meera's editor during her internship with VICE and had a wonderful time working with her. We were based in different cities but communicating daily was a breeze — she responded quickly and was open to comments on her work. She's a very thorough reporter who is not afraid to dig deep into stories on politics and culture. I noticed this regularly in her daily short stories, but even more in the engaging features she wrote.'

Therese Reyes, Editor at VICE Asia

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