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2020 / Urban nomads: the floating population who fall asleep under the stars on Chennai's rail lines (The Independent) 

This 8-Year-Old Quit School to Become India's Youngest Climate Change Activist (VICE India)

These are the young Indian artists fighting fascism on Instagram (gal-dem)

2019 / Parts of Asia Are On Their Way to Becoming Unliveable (VICE UK)

Burmese Parents Are Holding Fake Funerals to Keep Their Children Safe (VICE UK) [Shortlisted for Amnesty Media Awards 2019]

Months after a Terrorist Attack, New Zealand Begins to Hand Over Its Guns (VICE UK)

India Continues to be Ravaged by Floods and Droughts at the Same Time (VICE)

Here's What Hong Kongers Think About Carrie Lam Withdrawing the Extradition Bill (VICE)

Bollywood Is Rushing to Register Kashmir-Related Film Titles (VICE)

Here's Why Indonesian Students Are Protesting (VICE)

#MeToo Rally in Hong Kong Accuses Police Officers of Sexual Violence (VICE)

Xinjiang's Tourist Camps Are Flourishing Right Beside Its Internment Camps (VICE)

Is Disney's Mulan a Nod to China's Nationalistic Philosophy?  (VICE)

China's Patriotic Rap Stars Are Blasting the Hong Kong Protests on Social Media (VICE)

Shanghai Will Soon Have Fleets of Driverless Taxis (VICE UK)

Eight of the Ten Most Surveilled Cities in the World Are in China (VICE)

Women in Japan Are Fighting to Save their Last Names After Marriage (VICE)

The World's Biggest Refugee Camp Is Hit Hard by Monsoon Rains (VICE)

Sex Education Camps Are Now a Thing in China (VICE)

The Philippines Is The Deadliest Country for Environmental Activists (VICE)

China Claims Uighurs Were Forced Into Islam (VICE)

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